Adventures in St. Thomas – Odenza staff blog

Adventures in St. Thomas - Odenza staff blog

As we arrived to the port of St. Thomas, we watched as our ship pulled to the dock, it was surrounded by boats and yachts. We got off the ship and headed towards the stores and gift shops. We took a taxi van to Coki beach- which was considered one of the best beaches on the island. When we arrived to the beach we were greeted by their friendly staff and introduced themselves as our personal food and beverage server. We spent most of the day swimming in the crystal blue waters and laying on the white sands. We saw some fish and swam out to the ocean. They offered beach chair and umbrella rentals to those who didn’t bring anything. There you were able to snorkel, jet ski, and ride the banana boat. A local was cutting up some fresh coconuts for visitors and there were also some selling bags. That evening we watched some great singing and dancing Caribbean performances then to an adults only comedy show featuring Larry Omaha who started the crowd off with some inappropriate and funny jokes. But we liked it! Lol

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