Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


“Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is an ancient palace in Sri Lanka. The name refers to a site of historical and archaeological significance that is dominated by a massive column of rock nearly 200 metres (660 ft) high. According to an ancient Sri Lankan chronicle, this site was selected by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 CE) for his new capital. He built his palace on the top of this rock and decorated its sides with colourful frescoes. On a small plateau about halfway up the side of this rock he built a gateway in the form of an enormous lion. The name of this place is derived from this structure. The capital and the royal palace was abandoned after the king’s death. It was used as a Buddhist monastery until the 14th century.

Sigiriya today is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. It is one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning. It is the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka.

17 Things That Only Happen On Canadian Roadtrips


17 Things That Only Happen On Canadian Roadtrips

Monti Sibillini National Park, Italy


“Village Charm – Eighteen charismatic towns, tucked in and among the mountains, are packed with historic art and abbeys, castles, and medieval town centers that evidence an ancient relationship between the land and its people.”…/monti-sibillini-ita…/

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

bill cubitt

We can’t get enough of this beautiful scenic photo taken by a customer on their Odenza vacation!

“My wife and I travelled from Canada to South Carolina for a vacation. We had never been to this area before. We stayed at a beautiful resort on Hilton Head Island and went golfing 3 times. Our 3 bedroom condo was beautiful and close to everything we needed. The weather was on the cool side but it was so nice to see leaves on the trees since our home was covered in snow.”

Our travel manager Debbie in Africa!


Travel Manager Debbie is in Africa this month! We miss her and can’t wait to hear all about her adventures!

For all vintage lovers!


Weekends are the best for treasure finding!

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