Darren from the travel team is in Regensburg, Germany right now

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“Well it was an interesting day. We have not had the best of weather for sure. Due to high water we were not able to sail to our stop in Regensburg. We took a bus ride and drove thru rain, snow and sleet. We have had a lot of wind the entire trip. The old city of Regensburg is a unesco world heritage site. It is one of the few ancient cities not destroyed in WWII. So the majority of the buildings are original. Some of them date back to the 11th century. Once again they have an amazing cathedral. To make for an even more interesting return to our ship they had moved and we ended up having to chase our own ship in a bus. It was like a scene from a bad comedy. Our guide is talking on a cell phone to the ship trying to explain the bus was behind them. “turn around and look behind you!!!” We had a great day but the high was around 1C with 45km an hour winds.”

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