El Dorado Royal, Mexico


El Dorado, will you marry me? Because I am in love with you!


Wow, this place is class. The property, the staff and the visitors alike are truly the best of the best. The expansive property, connecting A number of Karisma properties, is filled with unexpected cozy (and romantic!) areas – hammocks strung between Palm trees that are light at night and that let in the breeze, day beds with white silk sides for privacy, are dotted throughout, not just on the beach, but in all areas. There is a lazy river that winds through the property, which is fun to follow on foot, across bridges, or even better, in the water, drink in hand.

The atmosphere is friendly, visitors chatting in the pool and bars, and the personal concierge for every building is an added touch that helps answer questions and concerns.


The restaurants are definitely gourmet, with fresh ingredients and prepared to order. We arrived and were recommended to start with a chocolate martini from the martini bar, that was a delicious way to start! The Asian restaurant wasn’t quite as good as the one at secrets, but the south west style restaurant was amazing, with set courses and the best server yet (the small lizards running around added a cool flare too!)


The shows have been particularly awesome, with singers and dancers going all out – I even went on stage today (are you surprised?!)

We are here for only two nights and wish we could stay for a year.


There are a lot of ads on the property for karisma resorts, and while it’s a little vegasy and in your face, it helped direct us to book a half day adventure at the el dorado maroma marina. It’s a 15 minute drive included in the package, and we did the ATV jungle tour, followed by a jet ski ride. Fun, but more adventurous than we expected!


Will definitely write more about the good and the less good (like the glass bathroom door that doesn’t give you privacy, and the stuffy smell in the room), but all that aside, this place is heaven!

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