Giethoorn, Holland

Cars are prohibited in Giethoorn, which is nicknamed ‘the Venice of the North’ or ‘Venice of the Netherlands’. This village of 2,500 inhabitants located in the province of Overijssel is best accessed by foot, bicycle or canoe.

The Three Sisters, County Kerry, Ireland


A photo of beautiful Ireland in honor of St. Patrick’s Day


“An Triúr Deirfiúr, (The Three Sisters in Irish) are a group of three peaks at the northwestern end of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland, situated just to the north of the village of Baile an Fheirtéaraigh.”

“Borderline – The Frontiers of Peace” by Valerio Vincenzo

Beautiful photography project by Valerio Vincenzo, showing what peaceful borders between European countries look likeeurope-borders-borderline-frontiers-of-peace-valerio-vincenzo__880

Lodalen, Norway



The beautiful, untamed nature and the valley´s dramatic history make a visit to Lodalen an experience not to be missed.

The Lovatn lake is green because it contain clay particles and rock dust, carved out by glaciers and swept along by rivers. The glaciers are continuously crushing up rocks and stones. When the glacial water reaches the lakes and fjords, it looks green, especially when the sun shines.

Lodalen is also home to the most easily accessible glacier arm: Kjenndalsbreen, only 160 metres above sea level.