Black Pebble Beach,Yaquina Bay State Recreational Site, Oregon

black pebble

A Rich and Diverse Natural Area

Yaquina Head on the central Oregon coast is one of the most marvelous and diverse natural areas one could hope to find. Easily accessible from U.S. 101 just north of the lovely town of Newport, the Head itself is composed mostly of basalt, that super hard volcanic rock. That’s why Yaquina Head juts out in the Pacific Ocean like it does; the sandy beaches to its north and south are not nearly so erosion resistant.

A Marine Wildlife Sanctuary

Besides the gorgeous lighthouse (which is automated and closed to the public) and the breathtaking sea view, the cliffs and sea stacks here are crucial nesting and rearing habitat for a variety of marine birds. Harbor seals frequent the area, feeding or resting on the offshore rocks.

The Black “Pebble Beach”

A stairway leads down to the “pebble beach” area on the left. There you can enjoy the unique sound of the surf rattling the innumerable smooth, roundish stones and pebbles of black basalt around. At low tide you can go “tide pooling,” exploring the temporarily exposed and brilliantly colored marine world of sea anemones, urchins, and mussels.


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