Odenza Reviews Aachen, Germany


Aachen is well known for being home to the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany – Aachen Cathedral – and the large number of young people, whom you see wherever you go. Be inspired by a city full of history and vibrant life. Located at the point where three countries – Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands – meet, it enchants visitors time and again.

The cathedral, the old city and the Elisenbrunnen fountain. Traditional-style and modern boutique cafés. The attractions this city has to offer are as varied as the city itself.
Visit its monuments and squares, stroll through its narrow, winding lanes, and enjoy the flair of the westernmost major city in Germany.

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Odenza Reviews Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean

Lively Antigua and Barbuda move to the music of steel drums. You can visit a different beach each day and not repeat yourself for a full year—and that’s why tourists and celebrities alike flock to this sun-soaked Caribbean island. Take a day cruise, rent some diving gear or cruise up the beach on a Segway for a real adventure, island-style.

Visitors love its warm waters which are an endless hue of blues, and the long stretches of sparkling sand sprinkled across both Antigua and its little sister island Barbuda are so stunning that celebrities including Oprah have ended up buying homes here.

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