Odenza Reviews Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, which is the Capital of Denmark, a long and rich history. It was the center of the Danish empire for hundreds of years and as a result it is home to many palaces, historic buildings, and cultural relics. The town’s classic architecture is wonderfully juxtaposed by innovative infrastructure, modern buildings, and a high-tech transit system.

A must visit is the Tivoli Gardens amusement park.  A cultural wonderland, with historic and unique offerings of  of big thrills and traditional Danish culture.

You can also find one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions displayed on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade: The sculpture of The Little Mermaid. This popular artwork was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale.



Odenza Reviews Monteverde, Costa Rica


Monteverde is a town in mountainous northwestern Costa Rica. It’s renowned for its beautiful forests in the clouds. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve shelters countless wildlife species, including jaguars, ocelots and the strikingly colored quetzal. Cut through ferns and orchids on the reserve’s exceptional trails and walk above the forest canopy on suspended bridges.

From pristine beaches, to tropical forests, and rugged mountain terrain, there is almost no landscape that Costa Rica can’t offer you, but the crown jewels of the outdoors are the nation’s cloud forests.